• Quality

    As far as quality is concerned, Oxcytech System aims to satisfy the highest of demands, ensured by a finely tuned integral quality and environment management system. The standard of our products, procedures and services is determined by the following principles:.

    Customer Focus

    We maintain close ties with our customers and know their actual needs because it is these needs that play the decisive role in the design of our products and services.

    Quality Policy of OXCYTECH SYSTEM :

        Focusing on Total Customer Satisfaction

        Encouraging and expecting the involvement of all Oxcytech System Employees

        Continually improving our Products, Service and Processes

    Continually improving our Products, Service and Processes

    To ensure a constant high level of quality, we work with standardized key processes and core products. The constant control and analysis of these procedures serves as basis for measures for improvement. The principle of avoiding errors instead of correcting errors plays a central role here.