• Manufacture

    Manufacturing is entering an exciting new phase of opportunities. In developed economies, impacted by a series of recessionary trends, manufacturing is being compelled to innovate, manage rising labor costs and improve safety standards. In developing and emerging markets, rapid industrialization is sparking demand for localized products.

      Leverage existing information assets, application infrastructure.

      Optimize your supply chain to meet cyclical or repetitive demands.

      Improve revenue, margins and expand markets.

      Improve operational efficiency.

      Increase employee productivity.

      Contract, supplier and vendor management.

    Market demands vary continuously and are unpredictable. Building flexible IT solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP and analytics to improve manufacturing operations and increase your competitiveness is a growing challenge. Oxcytech System has deep domain knowledge of manufacturing systems for discrete manufacturing.

    Our logistics solution allows companies in employee performance tracking, employee punch time management and monitoring daily field activities, in turn provides enhanced support and service functions for several large manufacturers.